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documentation of all work available on request


Laboratory of Electronic Ageing (male grooming) Drop testing machine, video, various materials

Border Operation Digital video

Sensitive Barrier Barbed wire stolen from Hungarian border, electric winch, sensor

European Studies #1 (sensors) C-Type prints from 6x6 negative film

European Studies #2 (wire) Screen print, Augmented Reality application

Border Operation (POV) 180 degree 3D video

CAUTION Digital model, AR app, PVC sign

OUR VALUES Razor wire, loudspeaker, steel, sound, digital video, print on paper

Zeeland Dazzle Camouflage wall painting (approx. 2.5 x 7 m)

DETONATOR Hacked Nokia phone

Untitled (Paloma Blanca / Taubenschutz 03) Anti-pigeon pins, contact loudspeaker, sound

Orodha No. 1 Readymade (incomplete slide projector from Kenyan second hand market)

Post-Apocalypse Smart City Desert QR codes, 360 degree videos


Watch Out Digital print on paper 100x50x50cm, electric fan

Pont au Double Video game, gamer chair, energy drinks, frozen pizzas

Barriers / Rooms Two sequences of found video footage (3’21” / 1’54”)

Anti-Terrorist Barrier $1 3D model, performance video (46”)

Hyperstealth Digital Thunder Kite PVC kite, stolen digital camouflage pattern, digital prints on paper

Drone Hearts Painted toy loudspeakers with prerecorded sound

Karachi, July 2018 Digital video (1'34")

Sounds from the Air 360 3D video (5')

The Grass Smells So Sweet VR app, video, grass, synthetic aroma generator

COZY LAND (struggle and expand) Short film (5'54") collaboration with Max + Noa

Post-Apocalypse Smart City Lagoon QR codes, 360 degree videos

Gun Trip Short film (6'40")

Phones & Guns Performance with revolver, blank round and smartphone, together with Carolin Matthie

Nasleep Digitized B&W film loop, used police tape from Brussels government district, dummy cctv camera


patrol 16 mm film, 2'

worse than the quick hours of open battle... Soviet army backpack, tablet computer, screensaver

artefact Assault rifle handguard, digital video animation

frontline 360 video, multi-channel sound, sensors, LED light

TERROR/REVOLUTION Advertising plane, text, video

EndTime Advertising posters

Powerless Space (Coke piece) Coca Cola crate, power socket blanking plates

War Scene (pink room) 360 video (1')

Tethering (for Gakindu sheep) Digital video  (42")

Look Inside (Regelbau 630) Intel corporate flag on WW2 bunker


BRICK (Utopian Gadget) Mobile phone, concrete, gold

ASSAULT iPad, 7.62x39mm round, digital video, sound

Death Plunge (falling selfie) Laptop, two channel digital video (1'01"), sound

Authentic Objects (Kenya sockets) Various power strips

Residue Silk pillow cover filled with electronic waste residue from recycling plant

FETISH v2 Android tablet app

Njeru & Alphonsol (Nairobi repair) Video (2'58")


VIRT 1210 (iPad mini) iPad mini retail packaging, electronic waste residue from recycling plant

Charging iPad mini, Samsung Tab3, plate steel, chargers, charging cables

Hi-Tech Wound Duratrans print (60x40cm)

Cybernetic Organism #1 Performance with Pentium III CPU, DC voltage generator, ice cube

Cybernetic Organism #2 Pentium III CPU, DC voltage generator, blood (+installation version with video)


Back to Sender (with Jelili Atiku) Nigerian electronic waste originating from Europe, digital video (4'42")

Recycled Coil Electronic waste (CRT TV coil), body piercing, magnetometer, video

TERROR Counterfeit DVD and packaging material, digital video (2'42")

FETISH iPad app


Ascending Performance Android phone app, Super 8 film

Waste Circuits Performance with hot plate, waste mobile phones, electrostimulation device


biotope Performance with petrol generator, computer, enclosure, gas mask, Twitter

You Turn Me On (ideal houseman) Performance with modified vacuum cleaner, movement sensor


ELECTRODE Performance installation with anal electrode, video animation, digital sound


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