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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a Former Place of Worship (work-in-progress, to be completed 2018)

polyester model plane, silicone, electro motor, sound

By presenting a high-tech warfare instrument scaled to the size of a human body and with apparently human skin, Unmanned Areal Vehicle highlights the uncanniness of automated surveillance and assault technologies in their interaction with humans.

A replica of a military surveillance drone is scaled so that it roughly equals the size of a human body. The surface of the entire airplane is covered with silicone human skin imitation that includes irregularities (freckles, moles etc.) and some hairs. The skin texture and color resemble that of a Caucasian body. The form of the object and the way it is installed will be somewhat reminiscent of a crucified human. The drone replica has an electro-motor inside that can rotate the propellor.

The plane is suspended from the ceiling with its nose pointing downward, just above the floor. Two large active loudspeakers are concealed close to the plane. The plane doesn’t move from its spot but at irregular intervals the propellor starts to rotate. At the same time, the loudspeakers play the sound of a Reaper drone starting its engine. The sound is played so loud that it equals the actual sound level of a drone taking off. Once the sound has reached its peak, the soundscape transitions to the sound of the drone engine powering down, while the propellor on the replica plane gradually decelerates.

image: plastic scale model of installation


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