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On 4 August 2017, I ordered an advertising plane, pulling a banner with the text 'TERROR/REVOLUTION', to circle above the historical centre of Middelburg, a small tourist towin in the Dutch countryside. Using an old-school, stereotypical holiday-time medium, the imaginations and discourses of security and threat, usually staged in metropolitan areas, are reframed in the periphery of the world stage. The regional newspaper, PZC, responded to the action with an editorial commentary on 'senseless art' the following day.


'Bombs & Grenades', Zeeland Maritime Museum, Vlissingen, NL, 2019-20

'Check Out', Import Projects, Berlin, D, 2018

'Pose the City a Question', ruimteCAESUUR, Middelburg, NL, 2017




advertising plane, digital video, newspaper cut-out

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