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The Swahili word orodha can be translated as ‘junk,’ or ‘waste.’ However, in Kenya, it is mostly used to designate a particular domain within the trade in second hand products. Orodha items have usually been intercepted at some point on the way from their existence as everyday use-objects to a final state as refuse on the garbage dump.


These remains of a silde projector, having lost any possibility for repair or imaginable use-value, operate simultaneously as the ultimate fetish commodity (reduced to mere exchange value)
and its implosion (its future use-value as near-tabula rasa).

Part of my research project 'Cheapening Electronics', funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, UK.


'An evening of im-materials', curated by Andreas Broeckmann at V2_Lab for the unstable media, 2019



objet trouvé (30x20x12cm)

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