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performance installation (anal electrode, hacked EMG sensor, video projection, loudspeakers, packaging material)

An Anuform® anal electrode connected to a modified Peritone EMG sensor registers the activity of my sphincter muscle. Anuform® and Peritone are medical consumer devices for the treatment of incontinence problems. I fake the orgasm of an anonymous subject who took part in an experiment into the nature of the male orgasm in 1980. I attempt to replicate the subject’s sphincter muscle contraction pattern, which was registered during masturbation and orgasm in the experiment.  I repeatedly perform the same pattern. The data is projected onto a screen in the form of graphs and is used for digital sound synthesis.​


'the Jimi Hendrix of the sphincter'
Lidové Noviny, national newspaper, Czech Republic​


'this piece featured two assholes too many'
The WIRE, contemporary music magazine, UK

video on 4:3 Boiler Room TV


Ploeger_ELECTRODE_Popelar copy.jpg

(c) OCNM Archive / Martin Popelár

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