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Disobedient Devices is a collaborative art and research project that explores the afterlives of consumer technologies. It engages with electronic waste, cheap and semi-disposable devices, repair practices and cultures of appropriation. Its aim is to imagine alternate technological everydays, a techno-culture that connects to people’s lifeworlds – instead of impose globalized standards of operation and interaction, an approach to technology that goes beyond nihilistic and unsustainable ideologies of endless growth and ‘progress.’

Initiated by Dani Ploeger in 2013, it has brought together artists, humanities researchers, scientists and technicians. They have done field research and collaborative thinking and making on dump sites, second hand markets, repair shops, wholesalers and shopping malls in Nigeria, Kenya, the UK and Hong Kong. These trips have formed the starting point for the exploration of four – at times overlapping – areas:





This website is a growing repository of process documents, publications and artworks that have emerged from the project.