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Designing camouflage patterns has become a technologically advanced, as well as a lucrative business. With the help of computer algorithms, digital patterns are developed which are licensed for large amounts of money to national armed forces. Despite the seriousness of the use of the products and the amounts of money involved in this sector, the aesthetics and rhetoric of the design companies often remind of the fantasy world of Hollywood films and video games. I approached a company with a logo reminiscent of Marvel's 'The Avengers' to ask if I could use one of their camouflage patterns to make an invisible kite. After a negative response from the CEO, I stole a piece of the pattern from a photo on the company's website.


'Bombs & Grenades', Zeeland Maritime Museum, Vlissingen, NL, 2019-20

'Flying a Kite with ruimteCAESUUR', ruimteCAESUUR, Middelburg, NL, 2018

Digital Thunder Kite 


Digital print on polyethylene (70x40cm)

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