I fired a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a functioning iPad. A high frame-rate video recording of the bullet hitting the screen was made. The installation consists of the shot iPad, a brand new iPad, and an AK47 cartridge and bullet. The new iPad plays the video and sound recording of the destruction of the screen of the shot iPad, after which the recording is played backwards in slow-motion. Thus, it shows a representation of an endless process of destruction and apparent regeneration. An additional version of the work in the form of an iPad app will be released in June 2016.

Installation (images on this page do not represent actual appearance of the work; the iPads in the installation are framed)

-framed iPad (40x50 cm) with bullet hole

-framed iPad (40x50 cm) displaying video (battery should be charged daily, overnight)

-transparent plastic bag with AK47 cartridge and bullet (15x20 cm)

space requirements:

-white cube, with at least two empty walls to install the frames and plastic bag

-2x 1kW active loudspeakers positioned on opposite wall(s) of the frames

Trailer for app version of the work